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About Scruby’s BBQ New Menu Items: Our General Manager, John Wright, has been in the barbeque business since he was 13 and has seen a lot of food items come and go. John believes our customers are best served when we share new ideas and tastes. He works with our Pit Master and thoroughly tests new barbecue comcepts before adding them to the menu. This is one way Scruby’s BBQ Pembroke Pines keeps reinventing itself and brings you the latest ideas in great barbecue foods and flavors.

New! Wednesday Special only

The Memphis Rub

In search of perfect BBQ, Scruby’s Restaurant Introduces … The Memphis Rub!

I had driven to Texas for the weekend of competition at the National BBQ Cookoff. Over beers, the Old PitMaster sadly explained to the 3 of us sitting around the table that the recipe for the famous Memphis Rub had died with its creator. Here is his story.

On July 19, 1985, I first heard of the Legend of The Memphis Rub ~ a concoction of spices, blended, then applied dry; moist smoked on ribs and chicken until caramelized; infusing the meats with a spicy-sweet flavor and a hint of peppery kick ~ that, according to PitMaster Joe “Bone” of Memphis, “had customers begging for more, until we ran out and couldn’t make no more ‘cause the recipe disappeared”. It seems the formula died with his boss, an old riverboat PitMaster who met his demise in an accident on the Mississippi before he could pass it on. “Since then, many have imitated, but it’s never been duplicated”, said the Old PitMaster.

I asked the Old PitMaster, “Has anyone ever tasted BBQ with the Memphis Rub?” Don Ho, Champion PitMaster from Kentucky said, “I once had it, and no sauce can ever match the taste”. “Yeah, sauce can be all over the place”, chimed in Big Nick of Florida. The Old PitMaster had eaten it years ago in Memphis, and swore it was so good that it would be worth ton if someone introduced it in restaurants today. I pondered out loud, “It’s a shame we can’t get some for the Competition. ‘Cause I had heard that the caramelizing nature of the Memphis Rub ingredients adds moisture so the meats are tender and never dry out“. Big Nick answered me and said, “Little Jon, you must be too tired from your drive to Houston to understand. The recipe died with the Old PitMaster.”

After several hours of beers and emotional discussion about the legendary skills of various Competition winners and cook off kings, the 4 PitMasters at the table agreed to try to recreate the legendary Memphis Rub for the Competition that weekend. Before we did, the Old PitMaster made us swear to each other to keep our secrecy on the exact blend we would finally settled on. I brought the recipe back with me and I keep it secure in my safe at the restaurant.

So I’m here to tell you to Eat and Enjoy your delicious BBQ pork or chicken dinner and ask for The Memphis Rub on Wednesday’s, as re-created by the 4 PitMasters. That’s the only day of the week you can get it at Original Scruby’s BBQ Pembroke Pines, and the only restaurant in the state of Florida that makes it.

What’s spicy-sweet with a hint of kick? Juicy, infused with flavor, protected from heat by the caramelized rub? NEW at Scruby’s Pines, it’s The Memphis Rub. Our PitMaster brought back the recipe… and we’re sure you’ll agree, there is nothing quite like the mouth watering flavor of meats cooked with this secret blend.