How to Throw a Successful BBQ Party!

Scrubys Party Tips

It may be for a Birthday, Anniversary or Engagement; sometimes you do it to commemorate a holiday; and sometimes it’s just to bring friends and family together for some plain old fun, but a party is always a celebration.

The most challenging part of throwing a successful party is to right size the venue, the entertainment and activities so that you guests have fun and their expectations are met. The host and hostess should always plan ahead so that all runs smoothly and as stress free as possible. Remember to have fun too! You should enjoy the event instead of working through it and wondering later, “Why did I bother?”

Scrubys Party Tips

It really not much harder if you plan ahead. Just follow these tips and all will go smoothly.

  1. Pick the location. Is it a back yard event, indoors, outdoors, or are you renting a venue like a park pavilion?
  2. What is the theme? Is it an occasion? Will there be an honored guest?
  3. Determine the date/time for your party. Consider when your guests will be available to join in. Weekends are usually better.
  4. Decide on a budget. It often depends upon the occasion, and who is chipping in to cover the costs.
  5. Consider who you want to invite to the party. Is it just close family, friends, or are you inviting friends of friends? Are you trying to keep it personal? Then stay under 20 guests. If it’s a youngster’s birthday, are the parents invited?
  6. Make an invitation list. Is You should be formal about the invitation so that you can know who is coming and you can properly gauge food drinks and the need for entertainment.
  7. Send Invitations or do the telephone calls. Someone has to do it. You can split the work among the party planners.
  8. Scrubys Party Tips
  9. Get your Scruby’s Catering Menu give us a call. We’ve been catering for years and have lots of experience. Give us a call because we know how much food and beverages you need for your event, based upon the number of guests..
  10. Pick the music most suitable for your guests. A party is best covered by music because it provides an ambiance appropriate to your theme. So bring the boom box, hire the DJ, or provide instruments if you’re having several artists present to perform.
  11. Clean the house, and dress as host and hostess. “You are what you wear”, was the famous quote, so make your clothing count, even if you want to communicate your lifestyle preference.
  12. Have some Party Games set up. Is It’s up to the host and hostess to be sure the guests are compatible, like or opposite minded, and fun loving or a bunch of stiffs. So it makes sense that they should know what type of games or entertainment will keep everyone engaged if the conversation slows down fill in the gaps with party games.
Scrubys Party Tips

Well, there you have it. Let us know how it turns out. Post some party pictures on our website. We be happy to see you sharing your fun with the Scruby’s Pembroke Pines BBQ Restaurant community.